I was born and raised in Providence, RI. My parents were progressives and activists involved in everything from protesting the Vietnam War to reforming public education, so I come by my desire to save the world honestly. You can read about why I started a business to support men and women transitioning from prison to employment HERE.

I went to college in Massachusetts and started my “grown-up” life in Boston. I moved to Seattle, acquired another degree, and spent most of my career working in social service, including at Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, Open Adoption & Family Services, The Moyer Foundation and Pioneer Human Services.

One of my very first prototypes.
One of my very first prototypes

When my daughter started middle school, I decided to take some time off from working outside the home. I’m a lifelong knitter, and as the holidays approached that year, I hit on the idea of making infinity scarves as gifts ā€“ which I did. And then one day, as I was putting on my favorite fingerless mittens, I thought “I could make these for gifts next year” and my next thought was “I could open a workshop and hire women who are transitioning from prison back to work” . . .

I spent a few months working on designs and prototypes, and ultimately hit on the armwarmer design you see in my shop. I had to learn how to use a knitting machine, and as much as I loved my ancient Singer, I had to invest in a new sewing machine.

Oh, how the collection has evolved!
A collection of different designs

I had a really fun and exciting product “launch” in the fall/winter of 2015, and then life threw a giant obstacle in my way — my mother suddenly needed a full-time caregiver ā€“ and that was me.

Things came to halt altogether for several months, and it was very slow going for quite a while longer, but I’m still at it and I’m glad you’re here.

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